English Certificate & Diploma

Pathway to Success

CCEL students have many different opportunities as there English level increases, they can join a work and study program, prepare for an English exam like TOEFL or IELTS, take a Co-op Diploma at the Canadian College and receive paid work or they can pathway to one of our partnered Colleges or Universities.

English Certificate & Diploma

English programs designed to improve overall competency in English. These programs are intended to prepare students for exam courses such as Cambridge and TOEFL, university pathways, career advancement, or for personal interest.

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The length of the English Certificate program is flexible, it takes about 2 months to advanced to the next level and there are 7 levels. After registering for this program students will take a placement test which will determine their starting level. Most students study 12, 24, 36, or 48 weeks then go on to take an English exam or enter a College or University.

Course Content

In the morning students study general English. There are seven levels, from English 110 to English 145. The SMRT English Curriculum is used for English 110 to English 130 classes and the Cambridge Masterclass textbook is used for the Advanced and Upper Advanced classes (FCE, CAE). Students study reading, writing, communication, and structure as a part of this integrated course.

Class Options

Afternoon Electives

Students registered in the Intensive Program (24 hours per week) choose one elective in the afternoon while those students registered in the Super Intensive Program (30 hours per week) choose two electives in the afternoon. Electives are specialized classes which allow students to focus on specific skills or needs. Elective classes include: Communication, Current Events and Media, Business English, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary Building, Writing, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
Complete List of Afternoon Electives
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