Student Experiences

CCEL students talk about their experience taking the Business English Work Study program which allows them to study and receive paid work experience in Vancouver

  • Work & Study

    These English courses are in a business setting and provide work experience in Canada relevant to their academic studies or profession. These programs consists of 50% language studies and 50% paid or unpaid internships.

    Program Benefits

    • Paid, Unpaid Work
    • Job Placement Office and help with work permit applications
    • Job Ready Curriculum
    • Opportunity for on campus employment
  • Business English Work & Study

    The Business English Work Study Program (BEWS) is offered in 40 to 72 weeks full-time programs, comprising 50% language and 50% paid or non-paid work experience. This course helps reinforce the communication ability of students in a business context and allows them to gain valuable language skills while working in Canada.
    Business English Work & Study

    • Start any Monday
    • Guaranteed 3 interviews
    • C30 Work permit for whole program