• Preparazione agli Esami

    Un programma intensivo pensato per studenti che desiderano sostenere esami ufficiali come Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, o TOEIC.

    Benefici del Programma

    • Fast track to University
    • College instructors use the latest in teaching methodology and keep up to date on modifications to exam content
    • On Campus Practice Exams
  • TOEFL Test

    Are you prepared for university? The CCEL TOEFL® iBT Test Preparation program is perfect for helping students to prepare for university English entrance requirements at all levels.
    TOEFL Test

    • Start any Monday
  • TOEIC Test

    Are you ready to land your dream job? The CCEL TOEIC® Preparation program is essential to aid students to establish or advance their professional careers.
    TOEIC Test

    • Start any Monday
  • Business English Certificate BEC

    A 12 week program for business students. Business English in the morning 18hrs/week and electives in the afternoon including exam preparation (TOEIC, BEC), public speaking, writing and presentations.
    Business English Certificate BEC

    • Start any Monday